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Maximize your command of Cavallo’s product line with detailed profiles of solutions and services. Explore specific products, features, add-ons, integration partners, and much more.

Analytics Cloud

Cavallo’s distribution business intelligence software features a real-time analysis and optimization tool powered by machine learning.

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Bridge connects the powerful operational capabilities of SalesPad to the accounting backend of Business Central. This integration minimizes the cost and complexity of traditional ERP implementation while leaving your operations uninterrupted.

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Cavallo Overview

From on-premises to the cloud to distributor-designed business intelligence, Cavallo makes your distribution business better.

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Counter Sales

Counter Sales allows you to easily conduct over-the-counter sales on the fly. This feature can be used as a quick order entry system, allowing you to complete sales for the occasional walk-in customer, or make sales offsite.

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Credit Card Processing

This module extends users’ selling capabilities to include all their credit card processing needs, including EMV, card-not-present, cash receipt transactions, and more.

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Leverage this module to unite your sales prospecting processes with your order management solution, so you can easily transition from scoping a lead to closing a sale without having to switch software.

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Customer & Order Manager

Leverage Cavallo’s on-premises operating module to add power and precision to your customer and order activities, with features designed specifically for distributors’ unique operational needs.

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Customer Portal

Cavallo’s Customer Portal is a B2B sales portal where your customers can order products for themselves.

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Distribution Cloud

Distribution Cloud is a CRM, sales, and order-management system designed specifically for distributors using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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This high-powered integration streamlines the exchange of information between companies, and allows users to stay competitive with big-box retailers.

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FedEx Ship Manager

This integration empowers users to track and manage shipping operations while keeping customer, inventory, and shipping data easily accessible under one program.

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Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager is your answer to facilitating fail- proof inventory operations.

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This connector to Cavallo’s Customer and Order Manager brings fully connected shipping services to your distribution management software, ensuring each shipment that leaves your warehouse is on time and on budget.

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This module plugs into Cavallo software to allow users to modify and customize product prices. Incentivize returning customers with specialized discounts, apply customized offers with aggregate pricing, and input specialized project costs with ease.

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This module is designed to help distributors pare down their safety stock and make informed, profitability- boosting stocking decisions.

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Returns Tracker

Returns Tracker is a powerful customer service module that ensures customer issues are followed through from start to finish.

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SalesPad Mobile

SalesPad Mobile lets you keep an eye on your operations and get work done when you’re away from your homebase.

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Cavallo SalesPad® makes distribution processes fast and simple.

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We want to set you up for success from implementation and beyond, which is why we offer comprehensive and personalized services to all of our users.

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Cavallo Shipping is an all-in-one shipping feature that supports parcel and LTL shipping methods while uniting all shipment and tracking data under one easy-to-use platform.

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This connector plugs into Cavallo software to unite your ecommerce platforms with your complete distribution operations software solution.

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UPS WorldShip

This integration empowers users to track and manage shipping operations while keeping customer, inventory, and shipping data easily accessible
under one program.

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Workflow & Profit Manager

Workflow and Profit Manager module connects to Cavallo’s on-premises and cloud solutions, and is designed to radically expand your gross margin by allowing users to manage order-level pricing and profitability at scale.

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Performance Management

A CRM, sales, and order-management platform designed specifically for distribution. It empowers your teams to provide an amazing customer experience while maximizing profits and efficiency.


Workflow Automation

Activate automation across your entire distribution process. Designed to multiply your gross margins by managing pricing down to the order level and profitability at scale.


Actionable Intelligence

A distribution intelligence platform that delivers real-time, strategic, actionable insights throughout the customer-to-cash cycle.

Value-Added Resale Partners

Build relationships with your customers by providing tools for taking on distribution’s greatest challenges.

Integration Partners

Connect the best application options the ERP world has to offer. Integrate with the best and brightest organizations in distribution to cover all of your needs, and more.