SalesPad announces name change to Cavallo along with three new cloud applications.

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Use Control to grow your gross margins throughout your distribution operation. Automate repetitive, manual processes, to eliminate bottlenecks and realize savings.

This powerful workflow platform acts as a built-in timeline for order processing, ensuring operational tasks are consistent and accurate while reducing inefficiencies.


Control sets a path for your orders from the moment a purchase order or invoice is created, pushing orders through the fulfillment process and alerting relevant personnel automatically when needed.

An intuitive sales monitor affords users a complete view of all open sales documents in the system, including their current statuses.

What Cavallo has allowed us to do with the workflows and all the different modules has been really incredible. I mean, we really enjoy trying to find new ways to make Cavallo work for us and make our business more efficient and more user friendly.

Paul Cosaro
Paul Cosaro Managing Partner, Picnic Time Family of Brands




Performance Management

A CRM, sales, and order-management platform designed specifically for distribution. It empowers your teams to provide an amazing customer experience while maximizing profits and efficiency.


Workflow Automation

Activate automation across your entire distribution process. Designed to multiply your gross margins by managing pricing down to the order level and profitability at scale.


Actionable Intelligence

A distribution intelligence platform that delivers real-time, strategic, actionable insights throughout the customer-to-cash cycle.

Value-Added Resale Partners

Build relationships with your customers by providing tools for taking on distribution’s greatest challenges.

Integration Partners

Connect the best application options the ERP world has to offer. Integrate with the best and brightest organizations in distribution to cover all of your needs, and more.